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Designed to help Connect, Transfer or Setup Utilities for your tenants

Our service guarantees a higher percentage of your tenants will setup utilities in their name faster

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Eliminating the hassle of utility connection for every client every day.
The BEST move-in experience

Streamline Your Operation
Free to Implement and Free to your tenant

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Setup Utilities

Tenants setup utilities faster


Cut down on phone calls or emails about utilities


Keep satellite dishes off the roof of the properties

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An awesome customer experience

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How many move - ins do you average a month?


You could be making $2,974 every quarter!
That's $11,898 a year!!
Numbers are based on a national average. Some states have a much higher average. Revenue varies by market and by using recommended best practices.
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Will Schantz

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Wes Owens

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Matt Wells
Business Development Representative

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Angelica Porras
Administrative Support

Angie graduated from the university of ITESO at Guadalajara with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After that she joined the Citizen Home Solutions team January 2018 as a personal assistant and later on became our On-Boarding specialist where she takes over a myriad of different tasks. Among them she is in charge of setting up our new PM partners helping ensure that all new customer information is received and entered correctly so we can begin our partnership with them.

Customer Success Team

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Byron Canulla
Client Success Specialist

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Magaly Reyes
Client Solutions Representative

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Jessica Martinez
Marketing Assistant

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